December 2016


Apartment DesignsApartment with its smaller look than a house can be a comfortable place to live for you. You do not need to feel bored anymore with the look of your apartment. Here, you will see how contemporary with brick apartment design ideas can make your apartment so gorgeous yet homey. You know, the apartment will be the first place where you can live and rest after your tiring work. You deserve the best place to live. Now, let see the ideas of apartment design below.

Contemporary with Brick Apartment Design Ideas and Tips

The contemporary look is always the best look in this modern era. Then, the brick on the wall will always look elegant and classy. Some people may think that brick is an old school type of wall; however you can combine it with contemporary style; therefore, your apartment wall will become so awesome. Apartment design ideas with brick and contemporary style will be perfect for warm combination atmosphere. You should bring the warm color of brick and cool color of the ordinary wall in your apartment. Then, you can add the same color scheme of your new furniture and couch. Then, you can use ornament like flowers with a contemporary look.

Afterward, you should not forget about the floor as well. The floor should have the same color scheme and theme as the wall and furniture. So, what do you think about the idea above? Actually, you can use cool tone color for the brick if you like; such as white. It will be so beautiful if you can combine it with right furniture and ornament. If you like white house theme, you can use the whole white color on the wall, floor and ceiling; however, let the furniture and carpet different. Thus, that is all about the apartment design ideas with the brick contemporary look. If you have other ideas, you can use those as well.


how to get rid of a stuffy noseEven though there are many medicines that are effective to clear a stuffy nose, using them too much and too often can be dangerous. Then, how to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine? In fact, there are some ways that you can do to clear stuffy nose naturally. Massages and home remedies are some of the best examples when it comes to the stuffy nose. Then, how we can do this method to clear stuffy nose? Keep reading and find your answer!

Learn How to Get Rid of A Stuffy Nose Without Medicine

When it comes to a stuffy nose, there are some points in your upper body that can be useful if you massage them in a certain method. The first point is located at your nostrils’ corner which is at the bottom of your nostrils. If you want to clear a stuffy nose, push this point in the rotating movement for about 10 times. In how to get rid of a stuffy nose with this massage movement, make sure that you just press the bottom part of your nostrils, not the nose cartilage. The second point is located below our eyes’ corner in where tears come out. Move gently the skin at this point in rotating movement 10 times to clear a stuffy nose.

Moreover, you can also use home remedies when it comes to getting rid a stuffy or a runny nose. There are several home remedies that can be counted on when you want to effectively clear a stuffy nose. Herbal tea is one of the remedies that you can consume when you suffer stuffy nose. The benefit of this herbal tea is not relief of stuffy nose only, it can also be beneficial for your overall health. Then, something like basil, apple cider vinegar, and mustard oil are some other home remedies that are frequently mentioned when you learn how to get rid of a stuffy nose.


Health careDo you ever think that your teeth are so important for both your health and your face profile? Most people sometimes only care about the aesthetic of their teeth in the wrong way without even care about the health of their own teeth. Maybe that is why there are dentists in this world because teeth are very crucial for people social life and health but people just do not understand that. Surely you do not want to see the dentist too often, right? So, you should know how to maintain your teeth to make them always healthy.

Healthy teeth will not need to often see a dentist; they only need to see a dentist once in six months to control. Then, you will not waste too much money. However, if your teeth are not healthy, you will see the dentist often and of course, you will spend too much money. Ok, first, you should know how to clean your teeth first. You ask your dentist how to brush the teeth well. It will make your teeth more cleanly from the food residue. Food residue will make the big problem into your teeth health. You can add mouthwash and floss to make your mouth and teeth clean.

Do not ever skip your cleaning teeth routine. You should brush your teeth twice a day; in the morning after breakfast and at night before you go to sleep. You should skip the cleaning, especially at night before sleep. You can make the food residue ruin your teeth while you sleep if you do not clean it. Then, you should not skip dentist control as well. You should do scaling at least once in a year to rid of the coral on your teeth. So, that is all the tips of teeth maintenance; for more information, you should ask your dentist.


breakfast near meThere are some notable benefits of breakfast that you should know. The first benefit is that breakfast can boost your energy throughout the day. After sleeping for hours, your body obviously needs more energy to perform some tasks, and that is where breakfast comes to help. In addition to energy boost, breakfast also can manage your dietary portion of the day. It ensures you to have proper food intake so that you will not be eating like crazy in the afternoon. For those who concern more about breakfast for health, there are some good places for breakfast near me. It is recommended to visit the store for getting those healthy foods in the beautiful morning.

Food Choice For Breakfast Near Me

There are some good options for breakfast that anyone can try. The restaurants already offer healthy menus that can be selected, but it does not mean you can safely eat them. Take one example of creative berry and yogurt smoothie that you can enjoy in the morning. There are some other foods that will satisfy your stomach in the morning as well as boost it for various types of work. Breakfast near me is absolutely a great way for ensuring your fabulous day, and you can consider so many different types of foods that you love.

There are absolutely so many foods that you can choose and are healthy for you. In this case, it is okay to buy various foods that you have not tried before. Even so, it is still necessary to consider nutrients and the side-effect that may happen to you. That way, you will be okay to have breakfast near me. To find restaurants offering breakfast, it is possible to use a search engine that knows about many things. That way, you can eat breakfast quickly and comfortably.


pizza delivery near mePizza is a food that all people from all age like. You can ask random people about this food and most of them will say that they like this food. This food has become something like a tradition is some countries to consume as most people don’t have time to cook their own foods and the only way to make their stomach full without cooking is by getting food from outside and pizza is just like an icon for a fast food. So here, you can see the importance of pizza in some countries as the main food for their daily life. This also makes you should know about pizza delivery near me to get this food in shorter and easier way. Do you want to know about this thing? If you do, then you can read it here.

Benefits Of Pizza Delivery Near Me

Here, you will find the benefits of pizza delivery near me. One thing you must know is that getting a thing faster is a better thing to have. Here, it is better to have the pizza in a shorter time than the longer one. Especially for people who are not patient enough, this feels like it takes a long time to send the food to their place, so it makes them feel starving before they can grab the food. With nearer place, you can finally get it in a quicker way because the distance is not too far from your place. Then, the next benefit is the hotter pizza you will get. Most people get the foods by delivery order in cold condition. This is because it takes a lot of time to make the food, wait for some orders to come, and deliver to the people who order the food. This means that it will take much longer to get the food by delivery order, but with the place near your house, it will take less time to deliver it.

See, those are the benefits that you will get if you know about pizza delivery near me. If you need it, you can go to the site and find the place that is near you. This will make you feel more comfortable in getting pizza in quicker and simpler way.


cool math coffee shopIf you think playing game is wasting time; you should learn more about games these days. There are a lot of useful games in this world such as Cool Math Coffee Shop. This Coffee Shop game from Cool Math is an education game that is created for children or adult. Do not worry if you want to play this game; everyone can play this game. This game can be the best way to learn to manage things, business, and math. Let see further review below.

Good Education Game: Cool Math Coffee Shop

If you do not know how to play this game yet; you can find it here. It is a simple game that you serve the consumers and become the manager and owner at the same time. You should manage your budget at the beginning of building the Coffee Shop. You should manage the using of the recipe and decide the charge of your coffee. The Cool Math Coffee Shop will give you those simple cases to learn and think. Then, after your coffee shop is ready; you should manage your consumers to not become angry to you and make your coffee shop lose.

This Coffee Shop from Cool Math is easy to get if you want to play it. There are so many other education games as well from the Cool Math. You can play several of them and become smarter than you before. You can give this game to your grown-up kid to make the kid learn the business as well. Believe they love playing the game too. Maybe in the future, you will build the real Coffee Shop because you have already learned about managing the budget. Ok, that is all about Cool Math Coffee Shop review and information for you. Hope the information will be useful for you and your kids.


intex swimming poolA swimming pool is a place that you usually used to train or exercise yourself and when the summer or hot days comes forward, the pool is the only thing that can make the heat down. Well, if you don’t have a pool in your house, you don’t have to worry, because you can still bring one with buying the Intex Swim Center Family Pool. This item also is known as a portable swimming pool. So, you do not need to make a real one which also can make you spend lots of money. Well, this item can be a perfect choice for you who want to make your hot days turn to something fun and this also can be perfect when you have a backyard party at the house.

Intex Swim Center Family Pool Bring The Joy To The Entire Family

Of course, there are many ways that you can choose to make your days are better and enjoyable. Summer is the time when you need water lots of water to make yourself feels relax and well. Summer also can be the perfect time for you to spend your time with the entire family you have. The Intex Swim Center Family Pool can be the perfect thing that you can buy if you want to make your summer holiday at home be the best holiday that you ever have.

Well, if you want to make your holiday with your family turns into a perfect one even without needing you heading to somewhere else. Adding this item can be a good choice and this Intex Swim Center Family Pool can make your family and you get closer to each other which will be the very good thing. So, if you want to make your time with your family be the best time ever when the summer holiday. Maybe you can consider this idea for your holiday.


Health careYour body is composed mainly of water. Once we are a lack of water, we will feel the sensation of thirst and it means that we need to re-hydration so that our body composition will be balanced once again. At this sense, we find that water is highly important for our body since once our body is dehydrated or lack of water, our body systems will not function as proper as it is used to be.

As a consequence, drinking more water is the main solution in order to stay hydrated. However, it is actually not that simple. There are other reasons why drinking more water is a good choice to do in our life. First, it is because of that more water can help us prevent cancer. It is no secret that various research has found that staying hydrated is able to lower the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer and potentially lower risk of breast cancer as well.

Furthermore, drinking more water can also keep us in a good mood. A research has found that dehydration may lead us into confused and grumpy. That’s why we need to re-hydration to charge up water in our body. Then, drinking more water will help us to perform better as well. It is stated that proper hydration can contribute to boosting athletic performance. On the contrary, dehydration can lead us to weakness, dizziness, and fatigue.

In addition, by drinking more water, someone can also lose his or her weight naturally. If you are the one who wants to reduce some pounds of your body, you can try to stay hydrated by drinking more water to help you with weight loss. The last, drinking more water can also make your skin getting better. By consuming enough water, our skin will be able to keep building new cells.


free download woocommerce pluginsIn this modern era, people like to spend their free times in front of the computer even at home. Besides playing the game, they also do shopping in one click by visiting some e-commerce page. Many easy look and attractive pages are available. To attract people and make them loyal customers, several steps need to boost the performance of e-commerce at all. Applying free download woocommerce plugins then become an option to make it work properly because faster loading page would be liked by the visitor.

What To Do When Free Download Woocommerce Plugins Do Not Work

Using free download woocommerce plugins increase the probability in facing some troubles. For the new users, especially, if they do not have any literature then it is very suggested for them to read some review of features in google. However, the main goal of using this application is to support their business in online sites for the longer term. Basically, some plugins could help them making money such as how they can get dollars by inserting some advertisement, or by having the engagement with shipment service. If there is some question, people could ask the administrator once they have already registered as the member of one site.

Beyond that case, it also occurs for some free download woocommerce plugins where the details in application seems different and do not meet people’s preference. Unfortunately, even though all the plugins are unique, they should realize that using too many plugins in opposite will slow the loading page and the whole work program down. If this happens, they need to screen the most important features and remove the extra plugins that have less function. Rechecking at the google as the visitors also help to maintain their performance. Once again, by applying plugins in e-commerce site hopes can increase the benefits significantly.


Best TemplatesNowadays, the increasing of computer’s users can be seen no matter what it means, especially in using online media such as a blog or certain web page. The page could be filled by much important information about some latest news that completed with photographs, pictures, borders, and certain fonts. It can be denied that the use of templates as the pattern before inserting the content of web page or blog is necessary as the main base. To accommodate this demand, there are lots of sample best template both in the manual book and in a web page. There is no reason, except to help people finished the task in a better way.

Some Criteria’s For Sample Best Template

Sample best template is for general purposes. It could be for basic application such as words, excel, or powerpoint, or for complex projects, in the example, arranging the cards, flyers, magazines or presentation paper. Playing role as a pattern before the components are inserting, the template should be simple and eye catching. It will not allow for the template to bother the visitor in reading the entire content. Moreover, the professional site will be claimed if it gives the allowance to the visitor to download high-quality templates free of charge without needing to link back to the administrator occasionally.

On the other hand, to meet the satisfactory level, the sites should give the latest and continually update all the design. Unless it is maintained regularly, the visitor would not decrease in order to get sample best template instantly. The easiness to find the personal requirements is the main key in comparing which the best sites are. Somehow to accommodate this case, many administrators divides the category in website layouts. The reason behind this one is because the design of the template is personalized for each people.


free iphone 7Most people know that iPhone is a great smartphone that is dedicated to specific people. Mostly, people who have much money can afford iPhones because of their ridiculous price. However, it is actually possible to get new free iPhone 7 without any issue. Before going to the strategy of how to get free iPhone, it is necessary to know some notable features of iPhone 7 that you should know. That way, you will realize that it is worthy to put some efforts to get the iPhone.

Features Of Free iPhone 7

There are some good features that make iPhone 7 different from the previous models and – obviously – the other smartphones. First of all, it is incorporated with so much better CPU and GPU. The graphic result is absolutely remarkable and it will not be disappointing. Further, it is enhanced with the AMOLED screen which shows a realistic image that users can enjoy. Another good thing about this device is being watered resistant. Even though the capability is slightly inferior compared to Samsung S7 as its rival, it is good enough to be used underwater. However, it is necessary to ensure that you do not swim with the iPhone 7 below 1 meter. Otherwise, the pressure will create a break in for water. Regardless of this quality, free iPhone 7 is absolutely worth to seek.

In order to get the free iPhone, you need to visit the promotion website. In the website, there will be an instruction that you need to follow in order to claim the opportunity for getting the free iPhone. The competition is tight, but you do not have to be discouraged. The giveaway of free iPhone 7 lasts for months with 2 iPhones distributed every week. This way, it is possible to have a higher chance of getting the iPhone regardless of the competition.


moringa weight lossYou can never stay confident with the overweight body or even when you do not have enough weight. You must try moringa weight loss in order to gain much trust and confident to your body. You need the safe way to reduce the weight of your body and make a good shape over it. You can make it much better by following the exact instruction that is given by the expert on the website. You can open the internet to find the information about moringa which is useful for reducing body mass that has been tried by many people until today.

Moringa Weight Loss For The Purpose Of Shaping Body

You can examine the benefit of moringa by trying this thing in your home. As we know that moringa is a common plant that we can find in our neighborhood. Especially when you live in the village. There are some people who still plant it for health purpose. Moringa weight loss has a significant effect if you know the way to process it. You can get the benefit from moringa by asking the expert about the nutrition that is contained in this plant. You can use it as your daily medication in reducing body weight in order to get yourself a body shape that is good and healthy.

You can maximize the benefit of using moringa if you are in healthy condition. As we know that we cannot make the nutrition absorbed while we have trouble inside our body. That is why you can ask your friend who has experience in making some mediation or know the processing method that could make moringa leaves to be more useful and could be eaten by us. Then, you can try the benefit of moringa in reducing your body weight. It will make you able to absorb way better nutrition and also lose some weight by using moringa weight loss.


Health careWomen actually have more complicated health care than men. Women have high risk of a lot of dangerous diseases. You know some of them are breast cancer, womb cancer, and so on. If you are a woman, you can see by yourself how hard to take care of your own health. You should take care of your intimate area well; if you do not you will get at least Flour Albus with fungus. You will feel very uncomfortable down there if you suffer that, right? If you never suffer that thing, you should be careful because most women suffer the low stages of flour Albus.

Besides, it will be so disgusting especially if you already have a husband. You will be ashamed to tell him but you really sick. So, to take care of your intimate area; you should know some things. First, you should always balance the PH of your intimate area. If you like to use a special soap for your down there; you should stop that now. In some researchers, soap in your intimate causes high risk of intimate diseases. You know, soap will ruin the natural PH of your intimate area; that is why bacteria will ruin your intimate area easily.

Then, the hygienic of your intimate is also important. To make your intimate area stay clean after you pee or poo; you should clean it properly. Do not rub it from behind because the bacteria from the anus will spread to your intimate area. Therefore, rub it from the front is the right thing to do. Then, should use the clean tissue and keep your panties always clean and dry every time. Change your panties every day or anytime you want if you feel uncomfortable. Do not use party-liner if you do not need too because some women are allergic to it.


how to get rid of flying termitesNowadays, the increasing of usage in wood at ceilings or furniture’s occur in people’s life. It provides several types and arts. But, for an instant, it may give several damages in the next time because of the damage of the termites. The hole and the hollow could be found at the furniture’s that may reduce the economic value. Moreover, serious damage might be dangered when the termites attack the ceilings since it has the possibility of changing the construction of the house. Many kinds of literature today to give some methods in how to get rid of flying termites.

How to Get Rid Of Flying Termites Based On Temperature

In many kinds of literature, it is stated that termites have persistence in darkness, but have no tolerance in extreme temperature. It means by placing termites in super-hot and super cold are usable in how to get rid of flying termites. Both of this methods have some lack of easiness since it is tiring and bulky for moving the furniture. But these methods are still applicable to be repeated in houses. Once people want to reduce the numbers of termites, they can place the wood furniture’s under the sunlight. On a sunny day, the best research state it is needed for two or three days to make the termites die.

On the other hand, similar to heat method, in the cooling method, people should place the wood in the freezer. It will be bulky and the big ones require bigger space in the freezer. So this method is useful for the small size of furniture that might be easier to place them in the freezer. Same with heat method, the best research state it requires at least two or three days in the maintenance process. Some solutions are tried to be given in how to get rid of flying termites at home.