Awareness How To Get Rid Of Cavities

how to get rid of cavitiesKeeping the oral health is part of things to consider regularly. It is known during unsleeping, people have meals and snack on many occasions. Can it imagine how many left over on teeth day by day? Somehow, it becomes realistic for drinking water after eating. But, as for the sweet meals or snacks, the probability in cause cavities increase since the bacterial agent that live in the oral system will grow and do their activities more freely. The microbial is one that has a responsibility in digging tooth. If the indications are not injured and left over, it may cause inflammations, infections, irritations, pain, and tooth loss. Therefore, people should know the way how to get rid of cavities to reduce the probability in suffering this matter.

Awareness In How To Get Rid Of Cavities

Seeing the dentist and asking for certain antibiotics and other medicine to reduce cavities is something easy. But, as other ways to do, having home treatment in how to get rid of cavities that can be applied daily is something essential. For example is by using the clove as a natural antibiotic to avoid this matter. It is useful to prevent the spread of cavities. The steps to do is by dropping 2 or 3 drop clove oil then diluted with one-fourth teaspoon of sesame seed oil. Put this solution on a cotton ball then apply them regularly. It needs to repeat daily before going bed to maximize the functions.

On the other hand, besides dilute the clove oil into sesame oil, there is another way related to how to get rid of cavities using clove. It is by chewing the clove manually. This step is done to extract the oil out. After that, the leaf should be put under the tongue to get maximal works in attacking bacterial agents. If there is no better condition get, people then more suggested to visit their dentist and taking chemical antibiotics rather than adding the dosage of clove oil used since it may cause the resistance in microbial.

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