Is It Cold Or Sinus Infection?

sinus infectionWhat does make cold and sinus infection different? In many cases, the symptoms of cold and sinusitis are quite similar. However, both diseases are different. When cold is caused by a virus, infection in our sinus is usually caused by bacteria. In this case, cold is the one which can lead us to have an infection in our sinuses. It means that cold is another because that can make someone’s sinuses are infected by bacteria. Then, what is sinusitis? And how this disease is different with cold even though it shares some similar symptoms?

The Difference Between Cold And Sinus Infection

There is no doubt that sinusitis has been frequently mistaken for a bad cold. Some symptoms are quite the same such as facial pressure or pain, headache, nasal congestion and runny nose. In contrast with cold, the symptoms of sinusitis can be caused by bacterial infection. Sinus infection is sometimes caused by fungi and virus as well, but it is largely caused by bacterial infection. In addition, allergy can also cause infection in our sinuses. Different with the common cold, the sufferer of this disease will experience the symptoms in longer weeks and it goes worse when it is not treated early.

Furthermore, there are some common symptoms of sinus disease including pain in the teeth, fever, coughing, fatigue, bad breath, frontal headaches and stained nasal discharge. To diagnose this disease, your doctor will see the symptoms you feel and examine your nose, throat, and sinuses. Your doctor will search for swelling or inflammation in your nasal tissues, greenish or yellowish nasal discharge, tenderness of your face and bad breath.  To treat this disease, unlike cold that can be treated by enough resting and drink a lot of water, you may be asked to get surgery when your sinus infection is getting worse time by time.

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