Collagen Fact That You Should Know

Health careHave you ever heard about collagen? What is collagen? Collagen is the substance which is really important for the skin. This very influence the skin health, that is because of the function of the collagen. The main function of collagen is to make the skin has elasticity. If the amount of the collagen in the body is good enough, it will influence the skin to be prima and look so fresh. If the amount of the collagen decreases or the body does not have enough collagen, it will cause some problem like the hair fall, dry skin, and also make the nail is easy to break.

The decreasing of the collagen amount in the body is caused by several lifestyles, such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and also you consume sugar so over. The collagen has important many functions incredibly. There are several facts about the collagen which is very attractive to know. The first is the collagen is one of the most important substances which extremely, will very influence the skin condition. The collagen also becomes the substance that will support the cell regeneration system maximally. For the woman who wants to be still, look you, the collagen is the substance which needs care by you to keep the quality and quantity in your body. The elasticity of the skin also extremely depends on the collagen.

The other fact about Collagen is the body can get the collagen from the fruit which becomes the source of the vitamin C, and vitamin A. Then, to get the collagen, the people do not just get from the fruits. However, the growth of the innovation also gives you benefit to get the collagen from the cream skin care product. Which is created by the doctor and pharmacist, to get that collagen cream, the people should be wise to choose the best product.

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