Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

deep sea fishingDeep sea fishing is a pleasant activity. It is a combination of exercise and recreation. When we are fishing, absolutely we have a target to get a lot of fish so you must know the best technique. There are many kinds of fishing technique which is often used by fishing lovers. We will talk about fishing technique especially for the beginner.

Many Kinds Of Deep Sea Fishing For Beginner

The first technique of deep sea fishing is bottom fishing. It is very common and popular technique. This is very simple. You only must make the basic connection, fish bait and throw it to the sea. Then, you will wait until it is a strike. The basic fishing with overhead or hand line is the most traditional way to fishing. You must use iron or tin to make a hit is heavier. The second way is using fly lining technique. This fishing technique is using live fish to become the bait. In this technique, you must let the life the bait leave the boat away to go to spot while waiting for the fish come.

Next, the technique is trolling. This technique can be used when we in a boat having a 5-7 knot. Also, you use artificial bait. The trolling has various sizes from 3 feet to 7 feet and the distance is about 10 to 20 meters. Commonly, the trolling technique uses overhead for its fishing rod. Also, it has 2 types like bent and straight. There is casting technique. This technique is about throwing a lure at the spot and it is about 20-30 meters not so far. Then, you must roll the string slowly and make a rhythm as if the lure is moving. It is to make the fish interesting to catch it. The use of lure in the deep sea fishing is accordance with the fish target.

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