Fun Yet Healthy Cycling

Health careIn other to reduce your weight, you need to do some sports or exercise. The exercise should be the things that will burn your fat more than the other exercise. The only perfect choice for burning your fat is by cycling. Cycling could really burn you’re fat more than the other exercise. One hour of cycling you could burn 400 to 500 calories from your body. Cycling also the sports with a minimal injury that you could get. If you are cycling safely you do not only save the healthiness of your body but the healthiness of the earth too.

Movements while cycling could help you burn more calories. People with the weight around 80 kilos gram could burn more than 500 calories after cycling for one hour at moderate speed. If you are cycling for half hour in 8km/hour you could burn 75 calories until 155 calories. Whereas cycling with moderate speed in 16km/hour could burn 190 calories until 415 calories in thirty minutes. Cycling is using your front thigh tendon, hamstring, and tendon of your calf. It will make your tendon tighter and stronger with a slim body. The muscle of your stomach and back also stronger and tend you to the good balance figure. Cycling also could be doing in the middle of your daily activities. Nowadays there is some trend named bike to work which asking worker to go to work by their bicycle and leaving behind their car or motorbike. With cycling, you could choose a good route so that you could avoid the traffic which is you couldn’t avoid if you’re using your car. Living in the center of the cities must make you stress in every morning. With cycling, you could choose track without much pollution and enjoy the morning view of the other side of Jakarta. Besides you are keeping your body exercise and keep a good body you are also doing a great job in other to fight global warming.

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