Healthy Resting Heart Rate and Cardio Exercise

healthy resting heart ratePeople really afraid of a heart attack, because it can come all of the sudden. But, of course, you can lower the chance of getting caught by the heart attack. With regularly check your healthy resting heart rate. How? Well, this will be effective when you do it in the morning after you get a very good sleep. Normal heart rates will be at 60 to 80 hits. To make you easier you can download some medical app to check the heart rates on your Smartphone and it will make your work become easier. Knowing your own heart rate will be able to make aware of what next to come in the future and of course knowing it early will make you can do precaution that might be able to save you later.

Healthy Resting Heart Rate and Exercise the Cardiovascular

You need to remember always check and also measure your heart rate because it’s really important for you. Doing this will help you to notice and of course, it will help you to aware of what will go in the future. If you want to help your heart to get the healthy resting heart rate you can do things like cardio exercise. It’s really recommended for you because if you are performing this type of exercise about 30 minutes, doing this at least three times a week. What is cardio exercise? Well, this type of exercise includes walking, cycling, biking, and float.

In fact, you need to do any kind of exercise that can keep your heart pumping. If you do this kind of exercise, you can increase the cardio function and can help you to keep maintain your healthy resting heart rate. If you want to save your heart and make yourself safe from a heart attack, this could be the best type of exercise that you can do, because this kind of exercise will keep your heart rate good and of course you can save from a heart attack.

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