To Know Toyota Supra 2016 Release Date

toyota supra 2016In the end of 2015, from Toyota manufacturer, they inform that there is Toyota Supra 2016 as the new model of Toyota car and new series that actually is made for the purpose is to be used in 2016. If you are Toyota lover or you have Toyota car, usually you want to know if there is the new car from Toyota. You choose to know this because you feel comfort with Toyota car that you have it now and it is what makes you have the other car from Toyota, too.

Date to Release Toyota Supra 2016

For Toyota Supra 2016, this new car is the car that the design looks like FT-1 concept Toyota car that released in 2014. From most aspects in FT-1, the car in 2016 looks same but there are some changes in Toyota 2016 that differentiated between supra 2016 and the model in the previous. If you really want to buy this new car from Toyota, of course, you should know when this car is released. Moreover, if you know that there is much information that says about the release date, the information does not conclude when this car is actually released. Then, from Toyota manufacturer, they also do not yet to say to the public about the date when the car is real will be released.

That makes you should update the information about the release date. As a super convertible car, Toyota supra, of course, will gather public attention because it the design in the car is influenced by the previous model in the car by mixing and matching all design from Toyota to be this new Toyota supra. For Toyota Supra 2016 the release date is in the mid of 2015. If you decide to buy this new version from Toyota, just prepare the mount around 40,000-60,000 USD to get this car.

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