Knowing About Why Do Earthquakes Happen

why do earthquakes happenThis days, there are a lot of natural disasters are coming and people are wondering why those things happen to them. This also makes people a little bit worried about the world as it has been very old and what happen to it in the last decades. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the natural disaster that causes a lot of problems in human’s life, it is the earthquakes. This natural disaster has caused a lot of problems and damage in our lives, like the damage of buildings, the electricity cut, and even the tsunami that cause a lot of victims of it. Today, we are going to talk about why do earthquakes happen, and here it is.

Why Do Earthquakes Happen Sometimes?

First thing you need to know about this thing is the earth composition as you may need to know them first. The earth is created by some layers in it which are called the plates of earth. There are some layers and they are moving gradually. The problem is when they are moving each other and then they hit each other, therefore the earthquakes happen. So, it is a simple thing to learn, as the plates are sliding hitting each other, they are causing the energy that you can feel it as the earthquakes. They are moving because the convection like you boil water and the water is moving as it boils, so it is just like that. So, when you ask about why do earthquakes happen, it is because the plates are sliding and they hit each other because of the convection, and it creates a quiet big energy that causes the earth shakes.

So, do you understand now why do earthquakes happen? Then you may need to know more about this thing like how it happens and some other questions that you have in your mind. You can simply visit the site and find all the things related to it there.

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