Let’s Play 60 Seconds Survival Games

60 secondsIn gaming market, there are many good titles of survival games available for players. 60 Seconds is one of it. The survival game is developed by Robot Gentleman Studios and was one of the finalists in the Indie Cade 2015. This is a dark comedy atomic adventure game which requires quick-thinking and forces players to make difficult choices. The game is set in a world when it gets struck by nuclear apocalypse. You must lead your character to the fallout bunker before the nuke hits. In addition, you have to save your family and gather as many useful supplies as you can in order to survive.

60 Seconds Unique And Engaging Gameplay

60 Seconds gameplay can be separated into two parts. The first one is when you have to run into the fallout shelter. However, you have to save your family members and gather as many supplies as you can to help you survive the nuclear apocalypse. You have 60 second to complete the first part of the game. Therefore, you have to think your action quickly for it will affect the second part of the game greatly. After you reach the fallout bunker, you have to consider every action you take because your supplies are scarce. If you do not feed your family well, they can get sick and lose their mind. Therefore, keeping track of your food is very important. This game has very difficult gameplay and it is not surprising for players if they do not succeed in their first try. You need patience and perseverance in order to complete the game.

If you like the apocalyptic games and find amusement in the struggle for survival, this may be a perfect game for you. The game is not easy and you will be forced to make hard decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Try 60 seconds now!

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