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Health careYou feel your heart beating so fast and you start to feel that your breath getting rapid and shallow. At this point, you may get anxious or just freak out. Whether you are facing a kind of anxiety disorder or you are only freaking out, of course, you need to make certain medication works on you. Luckily, there are some safe natural remedies that you can consider for anxiety treatment. Here are some of the natural remedies that you can try it on.

First, you can take chamomile. If you feel that anxiety comes to you, you may need to take a cup of chamomile tea to calm you down. Chamomile is useful because it contains some compounds which work for anxiety. There has been a research which found that patients with anxiety disorder get their symptoms decreased after taking chamomile supplements. That’s why you can consider about taking chamomile supplement as you find that you are freaking out or anxious. Second, you can consider taking green tea as well. Amino acid contained in green tea is believed as the one that makes green tea as a good natural remedy for anxiety.

In addition to chamomile and green tea, there is also valerian which you can take as an alternative for anxiety treatment. When some herbals like green tea do not make you sleepy as it tries to decrease your anxiety, valerian is sedative which may make you sleepy as you use it. If you are interested in trying this herbal, it is better to take it as you go to sleep since it has sedative compounds which can lead you to feel sleepy. Now that you have known some natural remedies to deal with anxiety, it is better for you to try it once you feel anxiety symptoms. Don’t forget to call your doctor when the symptoms are getting worse.


Health careHave you ever heard about collagen? What is collagen? Collagen is the substance which is really important for the skin. This very influence the skin health, that is because of the function of the collagen. The main function of collagen is to make the skin has elasticity. If the amount of the collagen in the body is good enough, it will influence the skin to be prima and look so fresh. If the amount of the collagen decreases or the body does not have enough collagen, it will cause some problem like the hair fall, dry skin, and also make the nail is easy to break.

The decreasing of the collagen amount in the body is caused by several lifestyles, such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and also you consume sugar so over. The collagen has important many functions incredibly. There are several facts about the collagen which is very attractive to know. The first is the collagen is one of the most important substances which extremely, will very influence the skin condition. The collagen also becomes the substance that will support the cell regeneration system maximally. For the woman who wants to be still, look you, the collagen is the substance which needs care by you to keep the quality and quantity in your body. The elasticity of the skin also extremely depends on the collagen.

The other fact about Collagen is the body can get the collagen from the fruit which becomes the source of the vitamin C, and vitamin A. Then, to get the collagen, the people do not just get from the fruits. However, the growth of the innovation also gives you benefit to get the collagen from the cream skin care product. Which is created by the doctor and pharmacist, to get that collagen cream, the people should be wise to choose the best product.


Health careA migraine is definitely frustrating that you will undoubtedly want to get rid of this as soon as possible. When it happens, you may not be able to do anything properly and you really want to make it never come back again. At this point, learning how to prevent this problem is certainly the best way to start. For you who want to know some ways to get relief from this problem, let’s check this out!

First and foremost, you should watch what you drink and consume. In some cases, your food and beverage have something to do with your headache. To avoid the triggers, it is better for you to know particular food and beverage which is able to make you get a migraine. In this case, you can start to write any food and beverage that make you getting a headache as you consume it.

Secondly, you are supposed to eat habitually. Many cases of a migraine happen because the patient is skipping their meals. It means that you need to eat your foods regularly without skipping your meals. The most importantly are your lunch and breakfast which is sometimes being skipped due to your business. TO help you eating on a regular basis, you may like to make a time table for managing your daily eating habit.

Thirdly, you should limit caffeine intake. Even though you believe that drinking coffee or something with caffeine helps you to relief from stress or whatever. It is better to start thinking about its negative side for your migraine. So, you should think about drinking caffeine moderately. Then, it is also important for you to get standard sleeping. You should give your body and mind a quality of rest. At last, do something you love to reduce your risk of having stress which may trigger your migraines.


Health careIn this live, the health holds important role because, without the health, you may live in danger. If you are healthy, it can indicate that you will far from the disease and nothing can make your condition become sick. People who care about their body, they will apply some tips to make them become healthy. However, it is not always because of those many things that people use to prevent themselves condition to always healthy, some factors can make them be unhealthy or they are unhealthy not because their action, for example, because of their environment which is unhealthy, people can become sick.

If you are sick, there are no other ways than you must take a rest and eat your medicine. You must go to the drugstore to buy the medicine or if it is not possible, you can ask your friend, your couple, or your family to help you take medicine. It is important for you to have medicine kit in your home so you do not need to go to the drugstore to buy the medicine because you have prepared some medicine to heal your usual sickness.

If your condition becomes worse, you have to come to the health care to get intensive health care. In the health care, you do not get the medicine only, but the health professional will help you to cure your condition and check your condition, too, so your condition will be better. Of course, if you want to get the care in the health care, you must know your condition first. Do not come to the health care if you can handle your condition. People who come to the health care; they do that because they cannot handle their condition. If they come to the health care, they hope that professional health will help them to make their condition is better.


Health careThe first thing that you need to do when you want to start a new life is about to convince yourself if you can do it. This is important because if you don’t have faith in yourself, you can’t do this thing and of course this will be hard for you and it will make you do not enjoy it at all. So, the first thing that you need to do when you want to start your new life, you need to have faith in yourself and make sure if you can do it, to help you in making your life better, here are some easy things that capable to increase your life quality so you can live the life without worrying anymore.

Simple 9 Tips to Increase Your Quality of Life

Life longer is one of the things that people or especially human always wanted to. There are some ways that you can make this kind of dream come true. Well, of course with living a healthier life in the future and you need to start from now on. Here are some of the ways that can help you make the live longer dream come alive. Good luck.

  1. Always think positive in every condition, because think negative can increase the chance of getting caught by stress
  2. Always eat on time
  3. Change your food and beverages menu with the healthier one
  4. Rest on time and get the full resting time during the night
  5. Increase the water consumption, because it will also help you to dumb the toxic that might contain inside the body
  6. Balance your body with doing exercising and also choose the food that you will eat and consume
  7. Learn about which food that good and bad for your body
  8. Spoil yourself with food once in a while, but still in the reasonable portion
  9. Never do the strict diet

When you follow those things above, it can help you to gain more life and of course, this will be good for you and make sure if you do it with love and it will give you the best result.


Health careAfter having hectic activities in one day, everyone will need a relaxation as their stress reliever. People nowadays are too busy in other to living in this world, some of them are already had a tight schedule in one day. Sometimes they also cannot get to have their own time to do some relaxation or the stress reliever. Every people who are already had a busy day with the tight schedule for one day time need some relaxation in other to relieve their stress.

At least they need to forget all the problems that they got in one day, the problem about work, the problems about family, the problems about friends or even the problems about their lover. All of that problem could be the reason why people nowadays are easily getting stress. It’s because they are not doing enough relaxation to release their stress. Some of the people said that the best way to releasing stress is going holiday. But for those people who have already had a tight schedule for the next days or next weeks and even next months will have difficult time to choose the best time to go to holiday. Is relieving the stress should go on vacation? Well not. Take a bath in the warm water could be an option.

Taking bath in warm water not only could relieve your stress for a while but there are also some benefits that you could get. With warm water, the pores in your body will be opened and will make your skin looks fresh and not dried. It could also avoid some disease because warm water could delete phlegm inside your body which is caused an itchy in your throat. Not only that, warm water could also avoid you from a headache or a migraine, it’s could help your blood circulation.


Health careAs we know that being healthy will be very nice since you can do whatever you want to. Indeed one of the things that you can do is understanding more about so many diseases, for instance is hepatitis. We know that this disease is very dangerous. There have been many sufferers who face the death if there is no treatment done. That is why there are some things which you should know relating to this disease as follow.

To begin with, even though there are the vaccinations of it and given to many children, every year there are still million people who have been diagnosed with the disease. According to WHO, there is about 1.4 million dies caused by hepatitis. Indeed it is a high number so that the understanding of this disease must be known well. Talking more about hepatitis, there are several types of it starting from hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E., In this case, each type of it will show different symptoms. Hepatitis A is the least dangerous of the disease. Then, what you should know is that hepatitis B has been more dangerous and it is called as the silent killer. Even from the cases having been noted that hepatitis type B will be more dangerous rather than AIDS. That is why you must be careful of this disease.

Furthermore, the spread of the bacteria and virus causing hepatitis is very easy. Even when you use the same spoon with the infected person, you will get the infection easily too. That is why it is commonly found that those who are infected is placed in an isolated room at the hospitals. The aim indeed to minimize the spread of hepatitis virus. For all of the explanation above now, you have more understanding about this dangerous disease.


Health careIn other to reduce your weight, you need to do some sports or exercise. The exercise should be the things that will burn your fat more than the other exercise. The only perfect choice for burning your fat is by cycling. Cycling could really burn you’re fat more than the other exercise. One hour of cycling you could burn 400 to 500 calories from your body. Cycling also the sports with a minimal injury that you could get. If you are cycling safely you do not only save the healthiness of your body but the healthiness of the earth too.

Movements while cycling could help you burn more calories. People with the weight around 80 kilos gram could burn more than 500 calories after cycling for one hour at moderate speed. If you are cycling for half hour in 8km/hour you could burn 75 calories until 155 calories. Whereas cycling with moderate speed in 16km/hour could burn 190 calories until 415 calories in thirty minutes. Cycling is using your front thigh tendon, hamstring, and tendon of your calf. It will make your tendon tighter and stronger with a slim body. The muscle of your stomach and back also stronger and tend you to the good balance figure. Cycling also could be doing in the middle of your daily activities. Nowadays there is some trend named bike to work which asking worker to go to work by their bicycle and leaving behind their car or motorbike. With cycling, you could choose a good route so that you could avoid the traffic which is you couldn’t avoid if you’re using your car. Living in the center of the cities must make you stress in every morning. With cycling, you could choose track without much pollution and enjoy the morning view of the other side of Jakarta. Besides you are keeping your body exercise and keep a good body you are also doing a great job in other to fight global warming.


Health careWhy you forbid me to drink soda? Well, if you want to be healthier, you should not drink soda. I know soda makes the beverages tastier. The soda taste is funny in your mouth and you really like it. However, do not you know that soda is not good for your health? Soda is dangerous although not as dangerous as alcohol but you should not drink it, though. OK, you will know the reasons why you should stay away from soda from here. So, let us see the information as follow.

People always complain about how expensive the hospital and medicine; however, you do not realize that the reason why you need medicine is you. You do not take care of your own health. Soda is a simple light thing in your daily life. However, it can cause bad thing on your teeth and belly. Those two things are important for you, right? Soda can ruin your beautiful teeth. If you drink soda a lot, you can have bad teeth in the future. Then, you can see that your belly is bigger now. It is soda that did those horrible things to you. Especially for women, it will be a real nightmare. Who wants to have a big belly? I do not think you want that.

That is why many people who really care about their health will stay away from soda and alcohol. They do not want to ruin their own body with those light things just because they taste good. You can try any other things tastier like juices of fruits or other healthy beverages like smoothies. Smoothies are good for you who are on diet and want to have healthy body and skin. So, what do you think? You may agree with me and you can disagree as well. Thus, that is all.


Health careIt is not a simple thing for all people to do some diet program for their life. It is not a simple thing to do as you need to strict with the program and the foods you want to have. But, the first thing you need to know is the diet definition. It is not about how you reduce your calorie intake, but rather to control your calorie intake and get some nutrients that are good for your body. Here, you will find some stuff related to dieting that you need to know and the benefits of it. So, let’s talk about it.

The first thing you need to know is the benefit of dieting. Dieting is very useful for those who are having health problems. Although people are recommended to do this thing, but some of them can’t stand with the program and they finally end it with eating more. There are a lot of things that you can get from doing a diet like getting slimmer, healthier, and fitter. People who do the diet program are on a mission to reduce their weight and get a slimmer body, especially for women. This is a good thing for those who have that vision because with getting the foods your body needs, you will not only reduce your weight but also making your health better. After that, you also need to know about how to diet in a simple way. First is to forget junk foods. Junk foods are enemies of your diet as it contains a huge calorie and a small number of nutrients.

Eat real foods and you will feel a lot better and get higher nutrients than what you get from junk foods. Then, it is about the time you eat. Dinner is the crucial time as it is the time people don’t work enough in a day. Try to eat less in this meal and you can reduce the significant amount of your weight. Hope you enjoy the information.


Health careHealth is something precious. It is a kind of amazing effort if you are healthy in life. By being healthy then you will be fine to do any kind of activity without any worry. For those of you who are still stuck in the kind of life which is bad, then you need to change by living a healthy lifestyle. It will be simple though if you have a good purpose on it because you want to be healthy. There are many diseases that can harm you now, and the healing treatments are quite expensive, so better of keeping your body healthy, right?

Well, one of many systems in your body that you need to keep is digestive system. This system is so crucial for your living. It will be something important so that you should keep it very well. There are many ways through to make your digestive healthy. The first one you should pay attention to what you eat. Make sure that you will consume fiber every day. You know that fiber gives you the positive impact. It can be the way for you to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon irritation. There are many foods which contain fiber it could be vegetables, fruit, and beans, and much more.

Besides, you also need to avoid consume much fat. Consuming too much fat can slow down the digestive system. If you want to eat meat then you should choose a slice of meat which has no fat, and if you eat chicken do not eat the skin. To make you’re digestive healthy always you should make your dietary schedule. It is also important to do the exercise routinely and you need to avoid several harmful habits such as smoking, eating junk food, drink an alcoholic drink, and have much caffeine.


Health careIt is not a secret that diabetes is one of the dangerous diseases that all people must watch out. It is caused by the condition of the diabetes sufferers must be worse and worse when they do something which caused the diseases in the worst condition. One of them is the glucose can damage the retina’s blood vessels. That is why some of the sufferers cannot have a good condition of the eye. Even some of them cannot have a good eye function.

Then, to reduce the risk of the eye problem in diabetes, there are several things that you can do as follow.

  1. Getting a dilated eye exam at least every year

A dilated eye exam must be very important. In this case, with the exam, you can get a know the condition of your eyes and can do prevention if it is needed.

  1. Calling the doctor

After that, you can call the doctor when there are several symptoms you get. For instance, are blurred vision, narrowed the field of the vision, seeing the dark spot and much more.

  1. Checking your blood pressure often

Then, another important thing that you should do is that checking the blood pressure often. In this case, you should know well about the recent condition of your blood pressure since it can influence the health of the eyes as well.

  1. Saying no to smoking

As we know that smoking is a bad habit of people that can cause many bad things. For instance, is to make the condition of the eyes worse caused by diabetes. That is why you should avoid smoking.

In short, there are 4 best things that you can do in lowering the risk of diabetes which attacks eyes. With some tips above, of course, you can find a better condition of the eye health


Health careHealth can be improved by doing several things, and one of the most effective ways is by doing exercise. There is a bunch of strategies under exercise that anyone can do to improve health significantly. However, most of the time, the main requirement for getting health improved is simply by performing the exercise in a routine manner. For that purpose, it is necessary to keep passion and motivation at the peak because they are really easy to ruin your exercise routine. One recommended thing to do is by asking friends to join you because you will feel less exhausted if you go with friends.

There are so many kinds of exercise that you can do to improve health. However, it is best to focus on strengthening your heart, lung, and bones. The diseases involving those three organs are very common to happen when a person gets older. Therefore, it is best to focus on improving those organs with exercise. One powerful exercise that anyone can do is simply walking. Walking for 30 minutes can improve your health of the heart. If you want to have better improvement, you can run for the same intensity. Even though the exercise is fairly simple, it is actually super powerful to improve your health. The requirement is doing the exercise regularly.

Some people may complain that they cannot spare even 30 minutes because of work. In this case, it is recommended to have a mild exercise which can be performed when working. One example is by lifting your body up using your two hands from sitting position. Holding such position for a few seconds can help to relax your muscle and give it a chance to develop. If you really concern about your health, you need to stand up and walk for every 30 minutes of working because those blood need to be circulated.


Health careOlive oil is the oil contained in the olives. This oil is a healthy oil and high in unsaturated fats. Oil can be consumed. Olives can also be consumed directly without having to be processed first. There are so many benefits of olive oil. The olive oil can be used for cosmetics, hair treatments, and cures for various diseases.

The olive oil is well known for its benefit to our beauty. It is known from the past until now. It is not only good for our beauty but it is good for our health. Olives contain vitamin E. Vitamin E can prevent the risk of cancer, reduce heart disease, and strengthens the immune system. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 fats that are good for health. The fat can maintain heart health, avoiding obesity and diabetes. Olive oil can last for 3 months after the production process. However, there are olives which can last up to 2 years. It is suggested to consume the olive oil before a year because per the expert the beneficial content in the olive oil will be reduced.

If you want to get the maximum benefits of olive oil, you can buy olives which have no more than year durability.  You can choose the duration of 6 months or less than 6 months. We recommend saving the package in the minimum light and with not too hot temperatures. You can also put it in the refrigerator. Do not be afraid when olive oil is put in the refrigerator because it will not affect the quality of olive oil or reduce the levels of the benefits of olive oil. Also, make sure the expired date on the package so that you can figure out the limits of use. Thus, change your oil with olive oil now.


Health careDo you ever think that your teeth are so important for both your health and your face profile? Most people sometimes only care about the aesthetic of their teeth in the wrong way without even care about the health of their own teeth. Maybe that is why there are dentists in this world because teeth are very crucial for people social life and health but people just do not understand that. Surely you do not want to see the dentist too often, right? So, you should know how to maintain your teeth to make them always healthy.

Healthy teeth will not need to often see a dentist; they only need to see a dentist once in six months to control. Then, you will not waste too much money. However, if your teeth are not healthy, you will see the dentist often and of course, you will spend too much money. Ok, first, you should know how to clean your teeth first. You ask your dentist how to brush the teeth well. It will make your teeth more cleanly from the food residue. Food residue will make the big problem into your teeth health. You can add mouthwash and floss to make your mouth and teeth clean.

Do not ever skip your cleaning teeth routine. You should brush your teeth twice a day; in the morning after breakfast and at night before you go to sleep. You should skip the cleaning, especially at night before sleep. You can make the food residue ruin your teeth while you sleep if you do not clean it. Then, you should not skip dentist control as well. You should do scaling at least once in a year to rid of the coral on your teeth. So, that is all the tips of teeth maintenance; for more information, you should ask your dentist.