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Health lifeSometimes, it is very important to keep your health by doing exercise. However, there is a problem that may occur such as being lazy to do so. In this case, it is important to consider some ways that you can do for getting the most efficient way in doing exercise. There are some things that you need to consider. First of all, it is by sparing your time which is only 30 minutes a day. Indeed, it is just 30 minutes per day, and you can make it in segments. Thus, you can have 3 or more sections of training as long as the total training that you are doing in a day is 30 minutes. However, you need to ensure that the exercise you are doing really burns your muscles.

The next tip is simply to work out harder that you are making your muscle in flame. It is important because it means you are burning your fat at a significant amount of rate. Moreover, it also allows your body to be stronger. However, there are some points when you are fed up with the exercise. In that case, it is highly recommended to consider a way to soothe the pain so that you can enjoy more exercise. In order to do that, you should consider eating ginger. Of course, you do not have to eat it raw. In fact, you can mix it with your favorite juice.

The last tip that you should consider is talking to your body. Not all people know this trick but it works. You should say affirmative statements to your body, and your body can respond it well. Be specific when speaking to your body and imagine that you have achieved a goal that you want. That way, you really can make that happen quicker than those who have not set any imagination in mind.


Health lifeIt is necessary to understand that there are things that you should avoid to be consumed. If you consume it, you will be in trouble. For women, we have another list that you should avoid for your health. It is the calcium. Even though calcium is really good for the health of your bones, it is not always like that. There is one reason why consuming calcium is dangerous for a woman. It is because the calcium is consumed too much. Indeed, too much calcium in your body is not good at all. It is dangerous, and it may lead to lifetime regret.

Depending on your age, the need for calcium varies. As a younger woman, you may think that the more calcium you take is better. However, it is not completely true. The reason is that younger woman basically does not need that much compared to when she gets older. It is suggested that women under 50 need 1,000 mg of calcium while over 50 women need 1,200 mg of calcium. That 20% difference does matter for your health especially if you consume the calcium regularly. There are some health risks that you really do not want to happen.

The first risk is related to a kidney problem. It makes sense because calcium is absorbed too much and your kidney just cannot process all of them. The calcium eventually is collected in the kidney, binding together making microscopic or even larger kidney stone. There are also some reports that calcium can lead to heart disease. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know exactly the best amount of calcium that you take per day. Please remember that calcium does not solely come from milk. It also can come from other sources of foods such as almond, salmon, and other foods. That way, you should be careful.


Health lifeIt is important to be healthy, but some people ignore the fact that a healthy body basically covers so many things. It is too much for people to achieve complete health, but it is actually necessary to seek that kind of condition. One problem that we often face is a health problem that deals with eyes. Diseases that can attach our eyes are quite problematic. Most of the time, it is only a condition where the eyes cannot see clearly because of focusing trouble. However, the problem can extend to a level where the nerve system that transfers information from eyes to the brain is damaged.

In order to have healthy eyes, there are some things that you can do. We are talking about the effort to minimize the possibility to have damaged or sick eyes. The first thing that you should consider is definitely having a regular check-up to a doctor. The exam will reveal problems that your eyes have, and immediate treatment can be performed to keep your eyes on the peak. Additionally, it is also worth noting that healthier eyes can be achieved by looking at your family tree. If you think why it is even possible, it is actually considering the fact that some eye-related diseases are carried by your genes as well.

A hereditary condition such as glaucoma, for instance, decreases the ability to see gradually. This disease does not happen to anyone just like that. It occurs because you have family members that are suffering from this disease too. You may not realize that there are some other diseases that can happen to you because your family is affected by certain disease too. Therefore, it is encouraged for you to do a trackback for achieving better health, especially for your eyes. That way, it is possible to avoid the disease, or at least preventing the disease from attacking you.


Health lifeEating is one of the most necessity that people must have. You know that all of the human life should eat some food to be alive. Eating food is also important for growth, and not just it, eating some food also can help you to maintenance your health especially, body health. However, every human has different necessary for eating, for example for the infant, children, or kids, young, adult, and older those have own necessity for the content of the nutrient. If you as an adult you will have the different necessity of the nutrient and food, you can eat rice easily and chili easily, but it is not right if you give a chili to your infant, and the infant also will consume a porridge.

Take your attention to your food is very recommended. If you are controlling your consumption, it is same with you control your good lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle actually is same with having an ideal weight. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you will control your portion size of the food that you consume. The smallest portion will help you to make a body, you have to know the content of the substance in the food that you eat.

Then you have to choose the food that is low salt, cholesterol, and also sugar. It is because those substances will make a fat for your body. You can see the label content on the can or the food place. When you eat a food, it will be very better if you can eat your food mindfully. How can you eat mindfully? It is actually very easy, you just need to eat more slowly and do not do other activity such as eating with watching television. If you do this, you will feel the long time to feel full, because you do not really focus on your food. You can try to taste it and chewing it well.


Health lifeHealth is an important foundation for our life. A healthy body is necessary to make sure we can do our activity without any problem and restraints. Without a healthy body, we can’t even do anything correctly. If we don’t have a healthy body, we will get sick, frail and weak easily. We can’t do anything if we fell sick. We are a just burden for our family if we keep getting sick. That’s why having a healthy body is important, not just for you but for your family too. Anyway, who doesn’t want a healthy body? Everyone always wants a healthy and strong body. But why a healthy body is important? how can we get a healthy and strong body? Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Firstly, a healthy body is a strong body. We won’t get sick easy, we can endure hard and stress work without any problems, and we don’t have any a disease. A healthy body is a foundation of happy life. If we get our body strong and healthy, we can do anything we want without any problems on our body. If we have a sick and frail body, we can’t do many things. Not to mention that having a healthy body, means you won’t get sick easily. If you don’t get sick easily, you don’t need to pay medicine, doctor, or health care payment. A healthy body won’t burden you and your family. That’s why having a healthy body is important.

And how we can get a healthy body? Having a healthy body isn’t easy. We need to avoid many things and sacrifice many things. You need to sacrifice time, money and energy to get a healthy body. You will need to control your diets, exercising, keeping a healthy habit and avoiding a bad habit such as smoking. It isn’t easy, but if you want a healthy body, then you will need to do it.


Health lifeBeing healthy is not just keep the food and drink. That is more than it, make the feeling fresh, make the eyes sparkle, and make the mind shine. Life is not as short as the people imagine, life is more than it. Fight to compete, fight to get a better life, and fight to get a mate. Imagine if the people do not have the skill, have not willpower and if they do not have health. If the people are not health, it is hard enough for them to fight in this life. Being healthy is the desirable thing that almost every people want it. How can the people be healthy? It is not hard but it is also not easy. The have to have the willpower to being health and they also have to realize that health is everything.

There are some things that the people should pay attention. First is hygiene, it is the thing that is very important. They have to keep the hygiene. The people have to get a shower every day twice. If the people get sweat from the activity, they can shower again, it will cut down the people’s body from scabies, body acne, and body odor. After the people get a shower, they have to wear clean clothes. The people also have to wear clean underwear. Before and after preparing food, the people have to wash their hands.

It is not just before and after preparing food, they also have to wash their hands after using the toilet and after blowing the nose. Second is enjoying the life is one of the important things that the people should have. How can they enjoy the life? the people can do some enjoy activities such as go for jog at least 30 minutes. Gardening and do some housework also can exercise the body.


Health lifeWho doesn’t want healthy life? Of course, everyone wants a healthy body. But to achieve a healthy life, we need to have many things. Healthy life comes from your lifestyle. You cannot have good health if you still do a bad habit such as smoking, drinking liquor, eating junk food, and staying up late. Without good health, we fell sick easily. Of course, in modern days, there is a lot of doctor and medicine. But prevent is better than healing. So, to prevent we fell sick easily, we need to make sure our body receive sufficient nutrients from our food, the balance between exercise, work, and rest. Here is some important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

The first aspect is diet. Food is necessary for our lives. But there are many kinds of food. There are healthy foods that good for your health as well as unhealthy foods that can be dangerous for your health. If we want a good healthy lifestyle, avoid unhealthy foods, such as junk food. You can eat junk food sometimes, but don’t eat it too much. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Balances between your calorie consumption, and don’t forget about your protein, mineral, and calcium. You need many nutrients to sustain your body. Milk is really good for your body. It contains every nutrient you need to sustain your body.

The other important aspect is exercise. You need to exercise once in a while too, or if you can, you need to exercise daily. Exercise can come in many kinds such as running, cycling or swimming. Playing football, or volleyball also can exercise your body. The last aspect is rest. Every day your body need rest. A good night sleep is about 8-9 hour for kids, and 7-8 hour for adults. Taking nap is also good, as long as you don’t do it at work. And there is also some simple aspect such as drinking water every day, and positive mind.


Health lifeAs the older you get, you will care about your health more. Many teenagers don’t care about their health at all. They smoke a cigarette, drink liquor, stayed up all night, and eating a lot of junk food, or even use drugs. This bad habit seems didn’t effect in your life at all, but as the older, you get the after effects of your unhealthy habits in teenager will start to take effect. Many chronic illnesses are affecting an elderly because they didn’t have a healthy life on their teenager age. If you want to avoid illness in elder age. Start your own healthy habits while still young.

Here, we have some tips and tricks to start your healthy life. First is the most important is dieting. Decrease your junk food consumption or if you can, don’t eat it at all. Junk food contains many facts and having a lot of facts lead you to many illnesses such as heart attack. Consuming sugar too much also raise your risk having diabetes. So, balance your diet, between carbs, fat, protein, and vitamins. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. They are good for your health since they contain much nutrition that needed for our body. Protein from meats or fish is nice too, but don’t overeat it. You will get high blood pressure if you eat too much of meat.

The other tips are, Start your physical exercise. You can start it from the easiest way and the simplest sports. The simplest sports are running. It’s very healthy and you don’t spend too much money on them. If you start your running, don’t start it too fast, take it nice and slow. Don’t go too far on jogging routes. You can start it from 4-5 km a day and increase each day. You can run without running shoes, but it really helps you running so don’t hesitate to buy a pair of it. Set your running schedule, the nice time to run is on Sunday morning. 1 or 2 times running a week should be fine. But if you can run more than 2 times, go ahead. After your runs, you should drink a lot of water to replenish your body fluid.


Health lifeNeed a fruit to get a refresh? Watermelon is one of the fresh choices. There is no doubt that watermelon is refreshing and delicious. Consist of water for about ninety-two percent, this fruit is full of nutrients that our body needs. It is reported that watermelon provides the essential value of vitamins, antioxidants and other important compounds for each bite. It is a real great fruit, isn’t it?

Regarding the essential materials exist on this fruit, there are some advantages that we can gain by consuming this fruit. When it comes to our health, this fruit is able to help us stay away from heart disease. The concentration of arginine and citrulline in this fruit is expected to promote healthy heart while decreasing excessive fat in our body as well.

Moreover, we can also expect for an anti-inflammatory feature from this fruit. Thanks to its rich on lycopene, this fruit becomes a good property for anti-inflammatory conditions. Then, the available antioxidant in this fruit is able to help us stay away from the dangerous of free radical. If you have a problem with arthritis, this fruit is also a good solution to deal with the disease.

Besides, since consist of mostly water, this fruit is also good to deal with dehydration. If you want to keep hydrated, you can consume this fruit since it contains a huge amount of water. Then, it also has electrolytes which are able to get you relief from dehydration. Considering this notion, it can also help you to stay away from the danger of high temperature.

In addition, watermelon is also a good fruit for digestion. Since it has lots of fiber, it is able to support healthy digestive process in your body. It will be able to help you digest regularly. The last but not least, it is also good for your hair and skin health. So, don’t forget to consume watermelon to improve your overall body health.


Health lifeHaving fat on your body is an annoying thing, especially the fat on your stomach, it can make you unconfident on your daily activities. There are some tips for you who want to delete this fat with organizing your dietary meals and having sports. In this case, you will get the tips for erasing the fat with having sports, especially plank. Are Do you know about plank? Have you ever done the plank? How can plank make your stomach flat? If you want to more, stay tuned for this article, guys.

Planks Make Your Stomach Lose More Fat Effectively

Generally, having sport make your body fresher and fit if you combine it with consuming the nutritional meals. You may having sit up or crunches to train your stomach muscles, it’s will help you for training your front and side muscles. If you want to lose your fat, you may add the plank for your daily sport. What is plank? Plank is the stomach muscles training that will help you to pick all of your weight with just two points. With plank, you are trained for keep your body balancing with all your strength all stomach muscles, the thighs, and the arms. With this exercise, you don’t need to go to the Gym because you can practice it in your house anytime.

What can you do for having a plank? The first position, your body should on prone position, after that you can lift your body, you can make your arms and your toes as the weight point. The next, you should keep your body on this movement for 10-20 second or as long as you can for the first day. After that, you can lower your body for the first position. Do this exercise regularly and consistently add 5 seconds every next day. You can do this exercise about 28 days or you can do this plank for 1 minutes 30 minutes every day. That’s all the tips about planks, thank you for reading this article.


Health lifeWho says that exercise cannot be fun? If you think so, you may change your perspective and do fun physical activities to get started. In fact, exercise is not only about going to the gym and doing physical exercise on a walking machine. You can make your exercise even more interesting that you may not think that you are currently exercising. If you want to get some ideas of fun physical activities that help you exercise, here are some of the examples.

The first one is hiking with friends. Do you have nothing to do in this weekend? Ask your friends to go out and go hiking. It is certainly a fun activity to do and you will not realize about doing exercise when you are hiking since you get fun with your friends. It is also a fun activity for those who love to see great scenery and photography. Bring your camera with you and exercise will become something fun and interesting.

The second one is dancing. If you have a hobby for dance, you should try to get sweat by dancing. There are many kinds of dance that you can try. Something like serious swing dancing is suggested as a dance that can make you sweating within ten minutes. There are other types of dancing like hip hop, Zumba, tango or flamenco that you can also try. Dance move is surprisingly able to increase your heart rate effectively.

The third one is cleaning. Well, you may not like this activity, but you can make it fun by dong it like a game. If you are living with your family and kids, cleaning can be funnier by making every task as a mission and members of the family who do it well can get a gift from winning the mission. Then, you can also make it funnier by playing your favorite music during the activity.


Health lifeWhy do you look like happy person every day? You can answer that you are happy because you avoid the sickness, you do not have anything to worry about, and you are not under pressure. That makes you be as if that is maybe because of your life with healthy life. If you are healthy, of course, you do not have to go to the hospital or to take medicine to the drugstore. Then, you will always fit and fresh in doing your daily activity. No one can stop you to do what you want to except it is bad to do that thing.

If you are healthy, you will happy. To make your life is healthy, it is necessary to live in the healthy environment. You must try to be hygiene. If you are hygiene, you will avoid from the bacteria to attack you. You can be hygiene by always showering minimal twice a day and you brush your teeth before and after you sleep and before and after you eat. Then, make sure to wash your face every time you are coming back from the outdoor area.

The other way to have healthy and happy life is you can be sociable. You have yourself environment, so do not be too introvert with your life. You can have a friend and make good relationship with the other to make your life is happier. You can go to vacation in your holiday that can release your stress while you rest a while from your duty work. The last if you want to be happy in your life, you can try to smile every day and every time. With your smile, people can talk with you more freely and people will smile to you too. You will feel better to receive the friendship and it can make your life is happier.


Health lifeIn this modern era, many people consider about how important for them to keep the body healthy. Several diseases can come when they have a not proportional body shape. Moreover, it is not easy too to dress properly and nicely. It is not debatable that people will do anything to make them losing some weight. The easiest way to do is by taking some medicines and other chemical content. Even though some people concern about its side effect, they still do this. Besides taking this method, it will be healthier to keep the body healthy by following some guidance in a healthy diet. Here will be discussed several tips to support the successful diet no matter would that means.

During the diet, it is important to consume water in huge amount. Why? It is because water is known used as a transporter media. It is not only shared the nutritional values to the bodies, it also removes some unused materials out from the body. Let the body move is another relevant thing to do if they have no time for doing exercise regularly. A simple action can be applied such as changing the use of elevator into walking on foot when they are in mall or office, do stretching after waking up, and many others. It is such an effective way to increase the calorie expenditure so that people can burn some fat to gain energy.

Meanwhile, it is strongly suggested to take pistachio nut as the raw materials in the diet. Even though it is quite expensive, this nut is popular because having low calories and high protein. As for the other step to create a healthy menu, it is good to take a high portion of the fiber. This can make people do not feel hungry for a certain period and good for the digestible system in the body respectively.


Health lifeDo you know how dangerous is the lung cancer? Any cancer can be dangerous and kill people. You must avoid any cancer that can attack you. Some cancer can come up when you trigger it. Then, one of the high risks of lung cancer is smokers. If you are one of the smokers; you should know how to avoid the risk of lung cancer well. It will help your life. You surely know that smoking is not good. It can risk many diseases; then, one of them is cancer. Ok, how to avoid the lung cancer, then?

If you really cannot leave the cigarettes; you need to seek help. Because if you do not stop your hobby of smoking: your lung condition will always be worse. Then, you should reduce the exposure of second-hand smoke. You should forbid people to smoke in your house. If you want to use public transport; you should use the one that not allowing smoking. You also should reduce the exposure to dangerous fumes. Besides, you need to avoid the use of chemical household cleaners. Then, you should not work at the dangerous place. Then the last, you living area should be free from pollutant. It will be better if you choose the best place to live.

Well, you can see that the tips to avoid lung cancer are easy for smokers. Once again, if you really cannot stop smoking, you should find out help. You should not endanger your own body oven and over again with your hobby of smoking. Ok, you can tell your friends about this as well if you have friends of smokers too. You deserve to have a healthy life. So, stop smoking now and live for a little bit longer for sake of your beloved family. Thus, that is all the tips I can give you. I wish it will be useful for you and others.


Health lifeFor most people, doing some training can be something interesting and making them fun. In opposite, it is not for all people. There are also some people who don’t like doing some training because of their own reasons. Some of them don’t like to waste their energy, some don’t want to feel pain after the workout, and some others have their own personal reasons to not training their body. In this article, you will find why training is a really important thing that you should do in your daily life, especially for those who have never trained their body for a long time. So, here are some related training things that you need to know.

The first thing is why you should train your body. It is a well-known fact that training will give you a boost of mood and also health. It is true, and you can actually feel it even after your workout for the first time. It is also a stress relief that usually people use when they are in really under-pressure condition. Then, what should you do in training? Well, training is divided into two kinds, cardio, and weight. When you are doing cardio, you are focusing you’re cardiovascular on improving, like your stamina and endurance. When it comes to weight training, it is more about the strength of your body muscles that you want to grow, like you can see from the body builders. Doing both kinds of training will give you the most benefits that you can get, but if you have no time in doing both ways, then doing one of the training will also be a benefit for you.

With knowing that stuff, you know that training is a good thing to do and you know that you should do it in a regular way. If you really want to live healthily, then doing this thing is something you need to do to make you feel better and live healthier.