how to make French press coffee


how to make French press coffeeThe idea of making your own coffee at home must be interesting especially if you are a coffee lover. There is no doubt that how to make French press coffee becomes one of the keywords that many people have hit it every day. If you are one of them who are feeling interested in making your own French press coffee in your home, you must be lucky to be here. It is because we have the easiest way to create French press coffee. Now, let’s learn how to make it in this following information.

How To Make French Press Coffee By Yourself

It is always better to begin the process with taking a course grind. Because of the method used on the French press, it is better for us to take a crude grind at first. If we are not taking the coarse grind first, our coffee may end up bitter and undrinkable. That’s why many articles talking about how to make French press coffee recommends starting with coarse grind first. After that, we need to pour hot water into the carafe. In this case, we are not supposed to pour it over the top, just pour the hot water halfway.

As you pour the hot water halfway, you can start your timer for four minutes. When the times pass by one minute, you can take a spoon or something to stir the ground. After stirring the grind, you can continue to fill the carafe up to the top. When pouring the rest of the water, you are supposed to use the circular method in order to soak the entire grounds. Then, do not forget to put the lid onto the press without letting the temptation plunge right away. Wait until the four minutes end then plunge the coffee. Now, you can enjoy your French press coffee. For more information about French press coffee, you can visit