The Fascinating Argentite

argentiteAs the most important mineral in a component of silver’s making. Argentite had their own unique characteristic that cannot be found in another mineral except itself. This mineral whose had chemical name Ag2S is a mineral whose had the same texture as crystal. But it has the opposite colors with crystal which is had clear colors and so pure. These mineral colors are totally dark and mysterious. These colors are totally different from each other. But the funny thing is that that mineral both are identical as the symbolize of the man and woman. It’s totally a woman characteristic which is pure and clear. And totally a man’s characteristic which is dark and mysterious.

Concealed Argentite

Argentite itself could be enjoyed by the two of your eyes when it’s changing into a bigger ore. They artistic of this ore are really captivating and could be a really pleasant to enjoy the view with your both of eyes. Although it’s hard to find and had difficult terms in other to being the best. Its results a fascinating ore when it’s completely finished all the step by making it a pleasant ore to enjoy. The dark color of this ore is definitely being the highlight of the spotlight that searching into this mineral. Moreover, the texture and structure that looks like crystal really make this ore look so magically elegant its own way. There are nothing in this world that can beat the magic of this mineral presence. The presence itself are obviously blowing all the eyes that seen the ore. He synthesis of the bold texture and bold colors are really make great results of arts.

Because of the difficult to found and raise it well into the magic ore. It is really given a high price to buy it to own this Argentite. But for those whose already falling in love with this mineral, they will definitely buy this ore if they had enough money.

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