Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid

Toyota CamryGreat points from Toyota Camry 2.5 hybrid are that the sound of the engine is not heard. So it’s a silent car which is very good. because there are many cars out there that sounded so loud and annoying. Those cars whose sound loud also could disturb your neighborhood if you have to go in the middle of the night or in the morning. So this new car is really good because the engine’s sound is very smooth and not disturbing at all.

New Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid

The reason why the sound from the Toyota Camry hybrid engines are not heard because of when the car stays even when the engine is on its using electricity but if cars are a move to the front and reach 20 km per hour it will automatically change the engines that used gasoline. And if you are going slow down and stopped by this car will be changed again into the electricity engine. That’s why you can not hear any sound of the engine because it’s using electricity at first and then changed to gasoline after you are moving forward.

For the efficiency of this Toyota Camry hybrid with the casual one is not had much difference. The using of gasoline if you are always moving forward also don’t have any difference either you are using the hybrid type or the usual types. But if you are in traffic for a long time, the hybrid type is the choice in other to save your gasoline. Because if there is traffic you will not moving fast or even got stuck in the same place which is this car will be using the electricity. It’s a good car that should be driven in the cities of traffic like in Bangkok, Thailand or even in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a good choice of car in there. You can save your money to buy gasoline and use them for anything else you need.

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