Unique Korean Culture: Ojirab

Korean CultureYou maybe already know about how unique the cultures of Korea. Then, you should know one of the unique Korean culture called Ojirab. This is one of a unique culture that maybe many people do not know yet because of never go to the country by them self. Do you want to know what ojirab is? OK, you can read the whole explanation in the following.

Unique Korean Culture Called As Ojirab

Ojirab is one of the weird unique cultures that is how the curiosity of Korean people in Society. You know, their curiosity is endless. If you are not Korean, you will know how endless their curiosity feel. You know, they will ask everything to foreign people they have met and started the foreigner weird. They will suddenly be approaching you in the street if they are curious. Sometimes they asking much too far because they ask questions about other’s life such as your status, your family even they will ask you to take off your hijab if you wearing it because it is not their culture. However, you should not worry, this Korean culture is only done by the older generation of Korean people. If you find young Korean friends over there; maybe you will not be asked too many things.

This culture society is the impact of Korean people life in the past. In the past, they only know there is one kind of people; that is fair and white skin with black hair and small eyes. They never meet blue eyes people or other Asian people. They are so closed in the past and only know Chinese and Japanese. So, you should understand in visiting Korea and find that kind person. OK, that is all the Korean culture called Ojirab. You will get more information about other cultures in other sources.

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