What Is Urban Farming Concept?

urban farmingWhat do you think about having an urban farming? Of course, it becomes a good thing for you who live in a city. Then, what is urban farming? It is a modern concept of farming innovated depending on the need of a green place in the city. As it is known that the space for gardening in the city is narrower. That is why this urban farming is developed. With it, you can create a green garden in your small space. Moreover, in creating the garden, there are some things that must be provided including the gardening tools. Then below is the explanation about how to sharpen the tools used in the gardening activity.

What Is Urban Farming Tool?

After knowing well about what is urban farming, now it is the time for you to know well about the gardening tool and the tips to sharpen them. Knowing well about this, of course, can help you to make your dull tools to be sharper. For the first tip is you need to clean the garden tools. The aim is to make it easier in sharpening those tools. When you have cleaned them, you should make it dry. The function of it is to make the process of sharpening can give a good result.

The third tip which you should do is sharpen the tools using flat files. It is a kind of aluminum which is usually used to sharpen many tools like gardening one. Then, if the tools have been sharp, now you just use the machine oil in the tools. The aim of giving this oil is to prevent the tools from rust. In short, when you have understood about what is urban farming and the way to sharpen the tools, now you are ready to do gardening.

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