Use Lime For Health Tips

Health tipsOrange is one of the fruits that is very famous and almost all of the people know this fruit. The orange actually is very taste and it does not just taste, but orange also has so many benefits and it contains so many substances that are very good for your health. There are so many kinds of the orange and all of that kind have the benefit and becomes the best source of vitamin, especially vitamin C. If you want the orange fruit that has the highest vitamin C, you can consume the kind of orange fruit such as lime. The lime has the richest vitamin C.

The taste of the lime actually is very sour. It is because of the lime that has the highest vitamin C. Lime that is rich with the good substance actually has so many benefits for you, especially for your health. So, what is the benefit of the lime? The first is the lime can make your skin look so bright. It is because lime that contains the substance that is called alpha hydroxy acid or AHA that has a function to help you to care and maintain your skin, and also to remove the old skin cell or regenerate on your skin face, then your skin will generate the new cell skin. You can apply it with squeeze the lime water and then spread it to your face.

The second is the lime will remove the acne. Some of the people hate the acne on their face, and they try so many ways to remove the acne on their face. Using the lime also becomes one of the ways to remove the acne naturally. You just need a lime and you can split it into two pieces. Then you can rub that piece in your face softly. However, it will feel a little bit smarting on your face, so, you have to be careful when rubs it.

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